Orleans Parish Juvenile Court

Orleans Parish Juvenile Court

421 Loyola Avenue

New Orleans, LA 70112

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The Mission of Orleans Parish Juvenile Court

To provide a court of excellence for children, youth and families by enforcing the Louisiana Children’s Code


The Vision of Orleans Parish Juvenile Court

The long-term vision of the Judges of the Orleans Parish Juvenile Court (OPJC) is to become a court of excellence that effectively and efficiently hears and disposes of cases that are brought in the areas of abuse and neglect, adoption, child support, delinquency, juvenile traffic offenses, terminations of parental rights, voluntary transfers of custody, voluntary surrenders and other miscellaneous matters.



In its 1908 session, the Louisiana Legislature, in Act No. 83, created a Court to deal with the "children" of Louisiana. This basic concept was further developed through various statutes and amendments to the Constitution of the State of Louisiana. However, the Orleans Parish Juvenile Court, as it exists today, came into existence via the Louisiana Constitution of 1921.  more



Section A - Hon. Ernestine S. Gray

Section B - Hon. Tammy Stewart

Section C - Hon. Candice Bates-Anderson - Chief Judge

Section E - Hon. Desiree Cook-Calvin

Section F - Hon. Mark Doherty


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